Portrait of a Quarter (2008)

Six SHOK photographers were asked by the open air gallery AirPlay in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, to each create a series of ten photos which would capture the little details of the streets around AirPlay, a series of images in which the locals would be able to recognise their particular area of the city. Just a block away is Elmegade, a street lauded by style guru Tyler Brûlé for being one of the most interesting urban areas in Europe, as defined according to his three S's, Sip, Spend and Socialise.

But Nørrebro is also a focal point of Denmark's immigrant population and, back in 2007/8, of the milieu around the razed Ungdomshus (Youth House). The small area around AirPlay is a meeting point of gentrification, immigration, and demonstration, and a paradigm in miniature of some of the major issues at stake in Danish society. The series of images attempts, therefore, to show the diversity of the area, to view it from more than one angle.